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Aluminum and Corner Key Choices
Warm Edge

Reasons for Preferring Induction Back Welding on IG Spacer Bar

  1. Preferred for use world wide (only notable exception is the US the result of domestic suppliers have highly promoted Laser weld).
  2. Specifically designed for use on automated production lines such as Forel, Lendardt, Lisec and SIMEC and with all manner of spacer benders.
  3. Used on more automated lines world wide because of better bend-ability and product consistency.
  4. Aesthetically cleaner visible surface with uniform double perforations and decorative lines to brake up the uniform visible surface
  5. Continuous solid weld that is stronger than laser weld, as a result of the weld penetrating the full thickness of the spacer wall.
  6. The induction weld can be verified as solid by “eddy current” testing to assure completeness of the weld.
  7. Eddy current testing is the same test used to test the weld seam on aircraft skins.
  8. No unsightly or rough aluminum buildup on weld line.
  9. More secure key fit with double perforation and since key teeth are on the inside it is easier on hand assembly operators’ fingers.
  10. Assured and consistent perforations for breath-ability and moisture pick up by the desiccant.
  11. Less chance of desiccant leakage, especially small bead.
  12. Better for muntin hole punching – less deformation or splitting.
  13. Typically more roll former passes for a better-defined shape.
  14. Adhesion testing on all commercially available sealants verified.
  15. Mill finish spacer cleaned for excellent adhesion properties (used through out the world as the standard for IG production).
  16. Available in either Mill, Anodized or Painted finish.
  17. Available in 6.5 (1/4”), 7 (11/32”) or 8 (5/16”) MM heights and all popular widths.
  18. Straight connectors (from Krönenberg) pre-inserted when requested.
  19. Either ink jet or etched imprint available and more clearly visible on the spacer.

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